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Lecture 4

Week 4

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SOCI 100
Chris Mac Kenzie

SOCI100Week 4 Lecture 1Sept 2909Erving Goffmanmicrosociologistyou and I behaving in certain ways with one anothergives rise to social structuresHave a self personalityact differently in different environments At every step of the way presenting self Do it all the timeEven when you are by yourself you are engaged in presentation of selfPresentation of self directly related to audienceCan be one personmanythe self is a product of society Societyproduct of us presenting ourselves Pg 93 34 of 94What does he mean by gives and gives offHow do we try to dene and control a situationonly individuals of a particular kind are likely to be found in a certain social setting Carrying society around with usWhen going on rst date asked around and got information about it Seen tv showscan pick up cues of what a rst date should involveimpression deliberatelyconsciously give offGivesindirect cue Many crucial facts lie beyond timeplace of interactionlie Gives offconcealed within it Real beliefsattitudes of individual can be ascertained indirectly Indirect subconscious cuesKeeps society going when pretend to be intersted when actually notIf pick up that Im not interested whos in control of the situationYoure trying to dene youre interested but Im picking up youre notControl is negotiated Product of the interaction Trying to control it by doing everything right but Im picking up youre notpg 95 Shetland Islesex Of givinggiving offEx Of girls dorm Seeming popular gives you control How many friends on facebook twitter Presenting an image of ourself deliberatelypopularity is what we desirepg 97society is organized there are social structures You present yourself as teacher policeman lawyer educated personthe way weve set our society up the initial response is to set your response as honest To take it on faithThere is also an expectation that if youre going to say youre something you ought to be that person Eg How do you know youre teacherbase it on past experience reserve judgement Eventually have to deliver goodsInteractions based on notions of faith good will denitional disruptionThe audience wants to believe you Eg If go skating and cant skate The performance is intimately related to the audience Society is an interaction Audience will believe as long as they can Will give lots of latitude to perfomrance to help it alongpg 96with presentation of self to be successful need to control situation But need to be socialized into situation To develop self performances need to carry society around with usNot just actingwe are trying to be good citizens in a genuine sense Not a scam Have been socialized as a particular type of citizenChanging political afliations difcult in long run Institutions of SocializationFamily school peer groups media workplaceFamilyhuge institution of socializationWhat we dont recognizeamong other things we learn our social place in society Eg Show pictures of families to childrenworking class family middle class Say the middle class is the good family the working place family is dirty bad familymiddle class childrenActed as though right to pursue own individual preferences actively manage interactions in institutional settingsShift interactions to suit their preferencesMade special request of teachersdoctors to adjust procedures to accommodate their desiresWe have socialized children to recognize that I have full right to be treated as an equal taken seriously opinions mattershould learn to steer things towards my preference middle class raise their children to be individuals who are Concerted cultivationspecial matter opinions matter Should be able to manipulate situations to my advantageEntitlement challenging authoritygetting what you want out of a situation not necessarily in a selsh way but realizing it is a competitive world Must dene parameters to get what I want working class childrenEmerging sense of distance distrust constraintDistancegoing to step back not engage in the debateConstraintnot going to express my opinionsDistrustauthority is inherently corrupt No way to manipulate it unintentional socialization to a large extentdont necessarily think about thisDispute ResolutionViolence If you learn to settle disputes with violence yelling sts will carry over that tendencyattitude into adult lifeTurns up in social workidea that you cannot have kids growing up in environments of domestic abuse Will witness it have higher preponderance to be abusers themselves get into trouble themselvesbecomes natural
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