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Lecture 9

SOCI 102 Lecture 9: SOCI – MARCH 28 1

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SOCI 102
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

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SOCI – MARCH 28 Why do students drop out?  Pressure  Not enough support Functional illiteracy: reading and writing skills inadequate for everyday living DROP OUT RATES  1971  48%  1991  32%  2007  18% WHO IS LIKELY TO DROP OUT:  Critical pedagogy  Single/no parent homes * o Is this saying that single parents are bad parents? o Headed by women  feminization in poverty o Also bc of money  Parents with lower educational attainment o Risk factor  Have dependent children o Teen mom  Have lower grades o “Why would I do something I’m not good at?” o streaming kids through the school system even when they are not competent  failed an elementary grade  worked more than 20 hours/week in Gr 12* o is there a link? o Helping to support the family working o But also includes children who wants money o “I need to get experience”  substance abuse  culture o becomes a norm o becomes a positive thing to achieve o “culture of cool” CONTINUITY (HISTORY)  culture  big term that you can’t be critical of, gives us our sense of history NOVELTY  how do you make something new  there is a diminishing sense of novelty in pop culture  finding something that is brand new CULTURAL HEGEMONY SOCIAL CHANGE  comes through legislation Pop culture  ever changing  mainstream ORIGINS OF CULTURE  Abstra
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