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SOCI 102
Catherine Corrigall- Brown

SOCIOLOGY CHAPTER 16 CRIME AND SOCIAL DEVIANCE Gaining a sociological perspective on crime and social deviance  Violence has become culturally acceptable in sports  When does “acceptable” violence in a sport step over the line and become criminal  Demonstrate that cultural norms, values, and morals shape the social acceptance of no acceptance of certain behaviors  What Canadians view as criminal behavior or social deviance, then depends on whose behavior it is, who is affected by it, and in what context it occurs How norms make social life possible  Norms make social life possible by making behavior predictable  Social context of the encounter with others determines how we should behave  Social order: a group’s usual and customary social arrangements  Our lives are based on these arrangements, which is why social deviance and criminal behavior in particularly are often seen as threatening  Social control: formal legal and informal means of enforcing norms Comparing psychological, biological and sociological explanations  Psychologists and sociobiologists explain crime and social deviance by looking for answers within individuals  Some psychologists focus on abnormalities within the individual or what are called personality disorders  Biological explanations focus on genetic predispositions to juvenile delinquency and crime  Street crime: mugging, rape and burglary  The causes of criminal behavior and social deviance cannot be answered by biologicall or psychologically explanations that focus solely on personality and genetics  Sociological  some of the expectations of the masculine role in Canadian society – to be braver, tougher, more independent, and less tolerant of insult – increase the likelihood that males become involved in violence  Sociologists search for factors outside the individual, social influences that recruit” some people rather than others to break norms  Examine suc
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