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SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

What is Social Research? [How People Gain Knowledge about the World] 1) Agreement  Tradition – family members  Authority – someone who is very knowledgeable about the subject 2) Experience [3 Common Errors in Human Inquiry/Understanding] 1) Observation - Selective Observation: we only see what we want to see - Inaccurate Observations: ignoring important information 2) Processing - Private process: doesn’t share finding with others - Premature closure: making conclusion too early 3) Reasoning - Overgeneralization: consider limited aspects and apply them to the whole population - Discounting: doesn’t consider other aspects [5 Aspects/Pillars of Social Research] 1) Socially significant phenomena 2) Social theory 3) Systematic analysis of evidence 4) Systematic observation of evidence 5) Audience [Goals of Social Research] Qualitative (3) Comparative (3) Quantitative (3) - To advance new - To explore diversity - To test theories theories - To give voice - To make predictions - To make predictions - To interpret cultural or - To interpret cultural or - To discern pattern and historical significant historical significant relationship between phenomena phenomena variables [Featu
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