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University of British Columbia
SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

[COMPARATIVE RESEARCH] - Goals: 1) Identify intra-similarities (similarity a categories) 2) Identify inter-differences (differences across categories) - Product: identifying causes through configuration [USING TRUTH TABLES] 1) Find 2 similar tables with 1 difference 2) Read question and identify whether the question wants DV = 0 or DV = 1 3) Parsimony: between the remaining tables, find tables that differ on 1 category and that will be the final configuration that leads to the conclusion of causality [SAMPLING AND PROBABILITY THEORY] - Sampling can be done on: Individuals, social artifacts, groups, organization - Terms under this topic:  Population: Conceptualizing the population that want to study  Study Population: the actual set or list of the population  Sample: the units actually selected from the study population  Statistic (Sample Description): Numerical description (such as Mean) of variables (such as age, sex etc) calculated from observations on the sample  Parameter (Population Estimate): Numerical estimation of variables believed to represent the unmeasured population based on observations from the sample [SAMPLING STRATEGIES] PURPOSIVE (NON-RANDOM) NON-PURPOSIVE (RANDOM) – 4 1) Snowball 1) Simple Random 2) Maximum Variation
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