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SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

[RESEARCH ETHICS] - 2 Pillars of Scientific Inquiry 1) Logic (knowledge based on systematic analysis) 2) Empiricism (knowledge based on observation) - 4 Scientific Standards in Conducting a Research 1) Reproducibility 2) Precision on measurement 3) Organized criticism 4) Objectivity [EXAMPLE OF SCENARIOS] 1)Tuskegee 2) Willowbrook 3) Cameron (Schizo) (Syphilis) (Hepatitis) What: deception by telling What: children were What: administered LSD participants that they were deliberately infected with to patients who were treated for bad blood hepatitis virus. The admitted to hospital due to hospital was overcrowded. minor problems If the parents want their Misconduct: Deception children to be admitted, they must agree to allow and not aiding treatment Misconduct: Deception. even though the cure was their children to participateNo consent given. available. Medical in the experiment Administering harmful Misconduct. Physical harm substance. Invasion of privarcy, legal harm Misconduct: physical This study demonstrates harm. Medical misconduct racism 4) Milgram 5) Humphrey 6) Zimbardo (Prison) (Obedience) (Sexuality) What: participants are told What: Humphrey acted as What: students were that the shock experiment the watch queen, copied assigned role as prisoners was done with the intention car plate number, or jail officer to find the most effective pretended to be a health method for memory officer and interviewed learning subjects anonymous or Misconduct: Emotional non-anonymously harm Misconduct: deception. emotional harm to the subjects Misconduct: Invasion of privacy. Informed consent. [WHY ETHICS MATTER – to Human Being as Subject Matter] - Aspects of Concerns:  Individuals: individuals are different and they behave differently for complex
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