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University of British Columbia
SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

[MAJOR PRINCIPLES OF RESEARCH DESIGN] Terms:  Analysis: to breakdown theory into data (deductive)  Synthesis: to combine fragments of data into a bigger picture/theory (Inductive) - 4 Building Blocks of the Alternative Form of Scientific Research: 1) Theory (Ideas) 2) Data (Evidence) 3) Analytic Frames 4) Images [3 TYPES OF RESEARCH QUESTIONS] 1) Exploratory  When little is known about the relationship  Interested to do further research on the relationship  The usual research strategy: Qualitative research (goal: to give voice), sometimes explanatory 2) Explanatory  To explain something  The usual research strategy: Comparative research (seeks to find causality) 3) Descriptive  To explain relationships  The usual research strategy: Quantitative research, sometimes explanatory/exploratory [RESEARCH METHOD: THE QUESTION OF TIME] 1) Cross-Sectional: cross-referencing done at a specific period of time. This method may not be legit for other period of time 2) Longitudinal: a thorough study done on a specific population/group/people in a long period of time. This study covers a wide scope of aspects. So, it can explain a lot of things  Trend: studying a specific trend that exists in a specific period of time  Cohort: studying a subgroup of people (a very specific study on this group)  Panel: studying the same set of people over and over again [STEPS IN RESEARCH DESIGN] 1) Research Question 2) Theory and Literature Review
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