SOCI 100 Lecture Notes - Racial Profiling

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
SOCI 100
September 11th
Mass Media Catastrophe
*The effects of mass media on relaying information
Millions upon millions of simlultaneous viewership
Nowadays people will choose to record verse stay quiet
Critique vs Analysis
1. Culture
a. Affecting our memories and commemoration, what metods to take. (Politics)
b. Symbolism, photos, buildings, documents, flags, airlines.
c. Methods, violence, conflict resolution. (War vs negotiation)
d. Sociolization (age, gender) surveys and polls to highlight our reactions and
i. Agents (family, religion, school) relationship to you to affect your
ii. Social attraction in everyday life -> Racial profiling
iii. Groups and organization... group thinking, herd-like behaviour.
iv. Deviance and power/capitalism. Inequalities lead to consequencs. Leads to
retaliation and consequence.
v. Terminology freedom fighters vs terrorists.
Roots of terrorism?
Think... Govt. Sanctioned violence vs non-sanctioned violence.
3 Questions on structures of society.
Structures of a particular society as a whole
Essential components
Differences between other social structures.
Historical comparisons
Where do we stand in human history?
Mechanics of change (factorial system) -> Technological transformation
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