CHEM1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Scale Of Temperature, Calculator, Thermodynamic Temperature

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1 Aug 2016
Lecture 19
Scientists invented new thermometers that would maintain their reading, at least for a limited
period of time, to reduce measurement errors and make it easier to record the temperature.
Dial thermometers using bimetallic strips were also developed.
This bending is useful as a transducer for the temperature reading; it can control a
thermostatted circuit or drive a simple dial thermometer.
Through the development of temperature measurement one question remained unanswered:
"How cold can it really get? How cold is absolute 0?".
The trivial answer is "0 degrees," but what exactly does that mean? Temperature itself is the
measurement of the average kinetic energy of a substance.
The temperature must be "Absolute 0.".
The question remains: how much colder is absolute 0 than 0 °C? In 1848, Lord Kelvin wrote a
paper entitled "On An Absolute Thermometric Scale" about the need to seek out a
thermodynamic zero temperature.
Using the Celsius system for its measurement of degrees, Lord Kelvin calculated the ultimate
cold temperature to be -273 °C. Today that is referred to as 0 K on the Kelvin thermodynamic
temperature scale.
Modern methods have refined the measurement to -273.16 °C.Types of Temperature Scales.
Temperature can be measured and represented in many different ways.
The SI unit, chosen for its simplicity and relationship to thermodynamics, is the kelvin, named in
honor of Lord Kelvin.
While incrementally equal to the Celsius scale, the temperature in kelvins is a true
representation of the kinetic energy in a thermodynamic sense.
Chemistry and physics require many calculations involving temperature.
Temperatures of some common events and substances in different units.
A comparison of temperature scales table illustrates a variety of temperature scales, some of
which are no longer used.
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