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Shafik Sunderani

FALL 2014Sections 0307 0408FCSS2000 Counselling PsychologyCOUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR ASSIGNMENTChoose a topic from the list below and write a 1016 page essay not including the APA style reference listDescribe the social or psychological problemDiscuss what causes this problem mental disorder and or social issue How do these people who are suffering unfortunately end up where they are Describe indepth the approachs interventions and techniques necessary to help counsel heal and help these humans in pain Research the topic using a wide variety of academic resources and psychological and or social work and or sociological theories or other theories in social science books and peerreviewed articles to guide you What are the controversies around the disorder if any Be sure to critique the current treatments of the disorder What are your thoughts opinions experiences and reflections on the topic now that youve researched it Why did you choose this topic in the first placeUse 12point Times New Roman OR Arial font and double space the project Use APA style for your reference list List of topicsSystemic Problems and TraumaPersons without a homeSex trade workersSurvivors and escapees of a cultPersons victimized by the criminal justice system and abused by police and correctional officers Persons who were incarcerated and having difficulty reintegrating into mainstream societyPersons who were sexually molested by a biological parent ie incestPersons harassed by insurance companies to prove their disabilityThe trauma of having experienced a psychotic episodeSubstance Use and Chemical Dependency OxyContin PercocetCrackcocaineCrystal Meth
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