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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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CURS 4200U
Diana Petrarcha

November 7, 2012  Group work is ineffective -> cooperative learning is key  Cooperative learning is complex  Positive interdependence -> sink or swim together  Five elements of cooperative learning o Positive interdependence o Individual accountability o Face-to-face interaction o Social skills o Processing  Read Combined Grades Research Week 7: November 5 and 7, 2012 Agenda, Resources and Teaching Strategies: Tim Age Teaching and Learning Strategy Re As e nda qu se Item/ ire ss Topi d me c Re nt ad in g an d/ or Pr ep ar ati on Re- Pick the Best Response - Participa Observati 1:1 cap Introduction activity - where the teacher asks students to tion in on 0 - and select the best response based on previous days' lessons. previous - observe 1:2 over Questions that are numbered are presented to students. All classes for 0p view students participate by holding up number of fingers that correct m of corresponds to the "correct" response. number 3:1 day of fingers 0 - from 3:2 students; 0p look for m general misconce ptions that might require additiona l clarificati on 1:2 Basi Jigsaw Last During 0 - c Description day's Expert Elem reading 1:5 The jigsaw is a cooperative learning strategy that Groups 0p ents provides opportunities for students to gain a variety of :- m perspectives and insights by participating in a Assess 3:2 specialized group and then by sharing and integrating learning 0 - what they learned in their “home” group. The jigsaw is through used to help students acquire an overview of a range continu 3:5 of material or opinions. It enables expertise to be al 0p m developed, recognized, and shared within a group and observa encourages a high level of student participation. The tion and (30 strategy may provide a review of previously learned circulati min utes material or identify questions or problems within an on; issue or topic. The jigsaw supports risk taking and the - Ask ) development of interpersonal skills and abilities. question Method - The teacher: s • allows considerable time for students to understand regardin the process; g • organizes the learning materials in advance, sets particul goals, outlines steps, and sets the time frame; ar key • may use the jigsaw strategy primarily in two ways: points (a) material is divided into sections, and each of the in each numbered groups is assigned a section to learn, element explore, and then report to the home group; During (b) the class shares a common learning experience, Home and the specialized groups take different approaches Groups in analysing or responding to this experience (e.g., by : - creating a drama presentation, writing a poem, posing Assess a problem and presenting a possible solution for home learning group discussion); through • assesses student learning through continual continu observation and adjusts programming accordingly. al Considerations - The jigsaw: observa • requires students to have experience in accurate tion; teaching of information to the home only group, and also requires the use of active listening address skills; question • requires the topic to be kept simple, if used for a s as short time frame (e.g., 30 to 60 minutes); needed • can be applied in a variety of contexts and across all After curriculum areas; Home • works best when students have experience and skills Groups in working collaboratively; : • is useful for students who are shy or lacking - Reveal confidence; key • may be useful to help students who are developing points English as a second language; on • requires careful teacher monitoring and skilful screen intervention. for TCs (excerpted from Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner: to self- Teaching/Learning Strategies Companion © Queen’s assess Printer for Ontario, 2002) - Check see additional resources below for underst anding by having TCs apply new knowled ge by matchin g previous example s with specific element s; Advi Case Study Partici
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