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Lecture 5

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EDUC 3610
Nick Scarfo

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September 19, 2012  Megan Meier case o Committed suicide by hanging herself after being "dumped" and insulted by her "boyfriend" who was an imposter -> neighbour's mom  Cyberbullying through MySpace  Law stated that no law was broken  Adults 40+ o Computer skills are also isolated skills o Technology as requiring a fun-factor o See it as an individual thing for business o "Digital Immigrants"  Teenagers o "Digital Natives" o Always wanting the newest technology  Cyber bullying and the law o Threats: sect. 264 CC o Criminal harassment (stalking) o Defamation of character o Discrimination   Cyberbullying not against other students but against a principal  Students were suspended (defamation of character)  Kids need to be given limits regarding the internet  Is it a school's responsibility to protect a teacher who has become a victim of cyberbullying? o Yes Do you think teachers should participate in online communities?  o Internet? Private or public space?  Scholar Thoughts o Neil Postman  "You get something but you also lose something with technology" o Marshall McLuhan  Bill 13 o Bill 212 -> deals with bullying o Government felt there had to be stronger language around cyber-bullying o An act to amend the Education Act with respect to bullying and other matters o "Accepting Schools Act 2012" o Definition  Bullying being defined by repeated and aggressive behaviour that w
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