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Lecture 8

EDUC 4380U Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Collaborative Learning, Trackball, Differentiated Instruction

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

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November 13, 2012
High-end of classroom management
o Planning and programming -> technology
When there is an incident
o Fill out the incident form (184) -> notify the principal
Interview kids at the same time -> they won't have time to get their story straight ->
o Establish what the consequences are
o Get the police, professionals involved -> have them come in to talk to the class or to the
whole school in an assembly
o Notify the parents and educate them
Anything the child does under the age of 16 is the parent's problem
Learning skills are becoming progressively more important
The integration of ICT produces expected and unexpected problems:
o Therefore we need to become instructionally innovative
o Dealing with students with different technological skills
o Need to deal with technology that goes wrong
o Not enough computers in the class/lab
o Broken equipment
o Software problems
Planning a lesson with technology
1. Choose a subject
i. You may choose the subject as outlined by your curriculum, but you might want to use
the content to aid in the acquisition of different knowledge and skills
ii. Build on student experiences, use an interesting object found on a field trip, use a
subject that is of particular interest to you or use an event that has raised the interest
of the students
2. Formulate the Learning objectives
i. What knowledge, skills and attitudes do you want your students to acquire?
ii. Teach them how to deal with opening emails safely
iii. Sometimes ads in technology are not child-safe
iv. Have to still teach kids how to write -> and not just keyboard
3. Look for resources
i. Who can help you?
ii. What technology do you need?
iii. What technology is available?
Find out who is in charge (the expert)
Find out what technology is available
Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee ->
Most of it is free
4. Design your activity
i. What work mode will I use? Individual or collaborative?
The collaboration must be more than who is controlling the mouse
Ask yourself, "Are the students able to accomplish this alone?"
To work collaboratively
a. New or problem solving tasks
5. Ergonomics
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