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Lecture 9

EDUC 4380U Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Differentiated Instruction, Fidgeting, Cover Letter

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EDUC 4380U
David Gray

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November 20, 2012
Differentiated instruction
o Catering to every student
o Different assignments
o Variety, diverse
o Different learning styles
o Multiple intelligences
o Modifications/accommodations for different learning disabilities, skills
Two ways to modify the curriculum
Giving students expectations from a different grade level
Keep expectations at grade level but take off some of the expectations (or add
more if it's gifted)
o IEPs (Individual Education Plan)
Six categories of differentiated instruction
o I
Expert peer groups - jigsaw
o Learning style
Multiple intelligences (MI)
o Readiness
Individual help
o Content
o Process
o Products
"You can respond to this by doing an essay, a piece of art, etc."
Differentiated instruction (DI)
o Based on the idea that because students differ in the interests, learning styles and
readiness, teaching strategies and decisions involving issues of content, process and
product should vary accordingly
o What it is
A variety of groupings to meet student needs
Provide alternative instruction/assessment activities
Challenges students at an appropriate level
o What it is not
Doing something different for each child in the class
Disorderly student activity
Using groups that never change
Never engaging in whole class activities with all students participating in the same
o Based on readiness
A skill level of a student
Reflects what a student knows
Teacher need to know where a student is on the continuum
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