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Social Science
SSCI 1010U
William Thurber

Sport and Celebrity Reading • The article is aboutAdrian Gonzalez’s decision to play in the all-star festivities • He stated that he wasn’t going to play in protest to SB 1070, a controversial law passed to stem illegal immigration in Arizona that many felt may have racial implications • This news was big when he stated that he would not play, but when the time came it was forgotten even by Gonzalez himself • Alot of athletes doing chartable for but athletes are not talking about controversial issues • Most athletes cannot do this because of their sponsorships • Athletes did not sign up to be vocal but the effect they would have would be tremendous Lecture Notes • Transnational capital and flexible citizen • Globalization- is the rapid and intense flow of culture, money, technology and people • Through globalization the time it used to take to travel through culture, money, technology and money has decreased. • Boundaries between nations are becoming less important because information is easily being transferred. • Diaspora- refers to immigrant communities that still communicate to their community • For example sending money home, reading the newspaper from back home • local events are shaped by globally • Starbucks is an example of a global transnational corporation • Globalization is resulting in the standardization of culture • Globalization for example McDonalds in India will have more vegetarian options • Countries are becoming labour forces for other countries for example the Jamaican nurse or the Pilipino nanny • Flexible citizen- are the new elite of globalization- they are athletes, movie stars, business men and women • They are able to demonstrate agency because they use globalization to their advantage and accumulate more capital and prestige • Martina Hingis is a global icon for example in Switzerland she was a very technical player and the European media would say she had an old world charm and that she was modern in terms of being fashionable, and the U.S media she was celebrated
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