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Lecture 13

APA 3113 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Aramark, Natural Disaster

Human Kinetics
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APA 3113
Milena Parent

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APA 3113
March 19, 2015
Event Time, Ceremonies, Accreditation, &
Functional Areas of Typical Sports Events
- many many many
- check slides
Venuization of Functional Areas
- all operations go to particular venue from HQ
- everything from events is shared so you have to be ready to lose
your spot with it at any time
- special requests from event owner (ex: villages?)
- period (peak season?)
ocould end up paying premium prices
- insourcing/outsourcing
- reservation and booking situation
- room allocation should always be in the hands of the organizing
- IOC can reserve blocks of rooms and can give them away even
weeks before the event
- access passes to venues*
- identi6cation and VISAs for members*
- background check*
- possible discounts at certain places
- ticket for public transportation
- why do you need accreditation?
oensures that only the quali6ed people are where they are
allowed to be
oensures that people who have the access to get to certain
areas can do their jobs
oallows you to 6gure out the size/capacity of the venue and
for the services that you need
oensure that people will enter the venue in an orderly
everyone needs to be checked and go through a
- venue codes
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