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Lecture 3

ANT201H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Clovis Point, Solutrean, Projectile Point

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David Smith

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Jan 27th
Paleo Indians
12,000- 10,000 bp
Clovis & Folsom
fluted points
big game hunters
fluted points
blade (flute) removed from one or both sides od projectile point
no necessity to do this
this process weakens the point
Clovis point- flute only going half the point, more used
Folsom- flute going up almost all the way
paleo Indian Ontario
early has fluted points
late similar to solutrean, but stop doing fluted points
3 styles
crowfield specific to Ontario, different in style, has 5 sides to it
site close to London, Ontario
feature 1 artifact: 4000+ fragments of tools
182+ useable tools
all broken by burning
cremation burial?
In ritual ceremonies people will sacrifice tools
Ritual connection with landscape
Archaic 10,000- 3,00 bp
After Pleistocene, earth began to warm up
Broad based foraging
Middle & late archaic
Monumental architecture not functional
Waston brake, Louisiana
6000 bp
11 mounds around a circular plaza
no resource production
one paleo Indian site recorded in Mississauga, by the credit river
archaic 8- 1,000 in Ontario
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