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22 Apr 2012
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13, 2012
During the screening of this film, please address the following questions.
1. What is the evidence for intentional burial, and possible ceremonial behaviour, at
*There was a pit where the dead were dropped, it could possibly be ceremonial , also a
certain stone that was found from far away
2. What has been inferred from the child remains from Scladina? What is similar or
different from modern humans?
*the uncovered a jaw bone 100 years old along with several other jaw pieces, they
estimated he lived with his ectened family and he had begun learning from his father,
there dental formation is different then human teeth. The tooth pattern is different,
along with the emamal thus they estimated that the child died around 8 years of age,
and had less time for brain development and learning.
3. What do Neanderthal endocasts infer about their cognitive ability?
*there brain maybe similar but there endocast maybe different then ours, affecting
their language and memory and spatial realtions. Hower there brain capacity maybe
smailler and they may have smaller intellectual level.
4. What do bone chemical analyses and artifacts suggest about Neanderthal diet and
*Nenes exculsivly almost meat eaters, yet there were many fruits ands plants around
them that they could have eaten. The…….
5. What does current genetic homogeneity (little genetic diversity) of modern human
populations suggest about past events in our evolution, i.e., after 200,000 ya?
Describe the process.
*bottle neck idea
6. According to Marean, what was the adaptation of early humans in Africa around
140,000 ya?
*Africa became unhabited and our ansestors moved to higherlands to take refuge
7. What is significant about the remains from Blombos?
8. What has molecular research inferred about Neanderthals?
9. Which factors enabled Homo sapiens to outlive Neanderthals in Europe and the
Middle East?