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Lecture 9

ANT204H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Linguistic Imperialism, Call Centre, World Language

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Care chain
Highly gendered
Women moving over seas to care for other people children
While other women back home care for theirs
Global movement
People, jobs
Objects and concepts
Increase in speed and intenstity of the movements in the past half century, because of
Theses thigs do’t oe freely aroud the orld, frictio of hat is alloed to oe
These movement cycles are related to past colonial relationships, current economic
Nahlini by day nancy by night ( film)
What kinds of infrastuctures make the outsourcing of call centres to india possible?
-Fibre cables from American companies under the the ocean
rerouting of phone calls
-exact 12hour difference makes an advantage for indian call centre, no gap between the
2 times zones
Why are particular English accents important in call centre work? -Make the clients
-Hide the fact their calling from india
- make call flow easier
Is this linguistic imperialism ?
-Yes because It is only refienforcing one culture and language .. English
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