ANT210H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Doc Zone, Making Money, Pseudoscience

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8 Apr 2018

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Lecture 3 Jan 14 2014
Pseudoscience- ideas that are not scientific, interpretation and claims based on myths and
What are myth and legends- both are traditional stories, myths are concerning early ppl in
history and involving supernatural beings. Legends- historical but not authenticated, more
tied to what might be true, and myths are just out there (supernaturals beings etc).
Why are these claims popular ?
· Nationalism, poltical agendas- Nazis in Germany used archeology
· Also land claims as well
o Ppl can get rich by publishing these pseudoscience claims, antiquities
trade is part of it, trade and illegal antiquities is bigger than drug trade, it is
huge, ppl are dying over these antiquities
o Keeping the history channel on, making money
· Racism is here as well
· Fame-egotistical want to be famous
· Religion
· The past was more romantic than present- the world we see today is not the world of
the past, romaticization of the past have become so popular
· Personality disorders- mental illness
EPISTEMOLOGY: how do we know what we think we know? The creation and
dissemination of knowledge in particular area of inquiry or the study of knowledge and
justified belief
How do we know what to believe? Someone said he killed BIGFOOT, this is a fraud claim,
· Seeing is believing? Actually seeing is not believing, performed a trick, and he said I
am not a magician I am an illusionist, don’t trust eye witness accounts
· Relying on others- they never say who they are, sometimes they are nobody,
o The “Doc Zone” on CBC- the trouble with experts
o Ppl who get in media have a certain way of speaking, you wouldn’t hear
“maybe” you would hear “probably”, they want you to commit
o Most quotes have been tweaked
· Science: playing by the rules
o Feder (2014:24), Science… maximizes “the probability that what we
think we know really reflects the way things are or will be”.- it’s a
o What is the TV/public perspective of scientists? Media say scientists are
weird geeks, they need to be confident in their results. They look at
scientists as ppl who know everything, why don’t you know, the go to
person, the person who can solve everything quickly, EECENTRIC AND
· The workings of science
o What is hypotheses, and test it, it is an tentative assumption
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find more resources at
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