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Lecture 7

ANT211H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Ovulation, Clitoris, Physical Attractiveness

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Sherry Fukuzawa

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ANT211 Human Reproductive Investment
Early Hominid Social Organization?
Derived from studies on chimpanzees
oPatrilineal troop structure
oMale kinship groups
Human social organization
oMale kin groups
oExchange of women
oLong term pair bonding
Humans have prolonged parental investment which coincides with an increased paternal
investment (fathers also gather resources for their offspring over a long period of time).
Origin of this mating system? Research ties it back to our relationship with chimpanzees.
Suggestion that our earliest ancestors probably had a mating system similar to chimpanzees.
Evidence rest on the similarities we still have with chimpanzees.
A lot of the domains hierarchy is extended through these males. Kinship groups are determined
through male lines. When males acquire mates in chimpanzee societies, they usually acquire
females from other groups. (Females usually pass or travel to their matrimonial relationships).
Males usually hold the kinship network male authority is determined through male lineage,
and females are exchanged for matrimony and mating. These long-term bonds are forms through
When these females are acquired, then long-term pair bond has formed.
Often as well, there is some kind of sexual exclusivity between bonded pair.
Human Sexual Anatomy
Disproportionately large penis
Rapid exhaustion of sperm during ejaculation
Conspicuous deposits of fat on buttocks, hips & breasts
Human Sexual Behavior
Human Sexual Intercourse
Marked arousal from visual stimuli
oVisual images are used in humans to elicit sexual stimulation.
oMany studies have looked at different way in which many people are sexually aroused
through different stimuli.
Extended foreplay
oSexual play outside of sexual intercourse usually takes a prolong stage before copulation.
It is often thought to aid in the bonding and the sexual stmulation of sexual partners.
Longer time to male orgasm
oMales of humas tend to reach orgasm or ejaculation after a longer phase of copulation
than other mammals.
Potential for female orgasm
oTakes a prolonged period of time whether it is through clitoral stimulation or
oOften been associated with long-term foreplay
Mutual interest in intercourse throughout ovulatory cycle
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