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AnthropologyCultural METHODS OF STUDYMay172011 lec 03Methods of Study Overview1A Brief History of EthnographyThe Histories circa 440 BC1Herodotus 484 BC425 BC founders of modern history and ethnography FAMOUS WORK KNOWN as the history WAR btw Greeks and Persians Brought history down to earth and didnt make it about the Greek gods ANY ONE who didnt speak Greek they were referred to barbarBarbarians He traveled around the world alot He did alot of field work and interviewed ppl who fought in the Persian war He was interested in ppl every day life ethnographers He exaggerated accounts for his stories but some argue that there is a lot of value in his accounts2 Ibn Battuta13041369 or 1377 known as the rehwaA Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling or The Rihla of Ibn Batutta 1355 he traveled a lot and observed and as he observed things he would write them down on his amonwasaHe observations were modern He explored during the time period of 2 hajjs travel silk road Took trips to mad
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