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lecture 04

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Victor Barac

Anthropology Lec 04 LanguagethMay182011The Origins of Language1Divine theoryTower of Babel Gen 11 language is an important aspect of human lang not influences thought but it is a community formation tower building2Dingdong theoryCratylusSocratesnatural association of words and the things that they refer toit was criticized and said that it was arbitrary 3Bow wow theoryLubbock onomatopoeiaassocaited with 19 cen Jhon leric onomatic piea human construct animate sounds that hey refer to sing sang bang4Ouch theoryDarwin primate criestheres a continuity btw monkey and ape vocalization 5Evolutionary theoryhominizationwhere the perigry separates from humanbipidialsim accedes the expansions of the brainlinked to tool making theres sequencing just like in language and repetitionargues that we have to look at comparative anatomy The Biology of Language The human brain1High index of encephalizationwe have large brains in comparison to our bodies2 Expanded neocortex reduced olfactory bulbgray matter are fairly largesight sound and touch expand in the neocortexgreater ability for memory planning thinking the necortex is 80 of the human brain 3 Lateralization of linguistic functionsmeans specialization in the right or the left hemisphere 1 Brocas area speechleft frontal lobeCONTROLS MUSCUELS for lips tongue muscles for the face soldiersMilitary loss the ability to speak but not the ability to understand and broc In2 Wernickes area syntaxleft temporal lobe CANT understand language The Biology of Language 2The human vocal apparatus1 Lungsvocal cord2 Larynxknown as the vocal cord everybody has diff Vocal cord 3 Supralaryngeal vocal tractthey have containers 1 Resonators pharynx oral cavitynasal cavity we can control
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