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Andrea Muehlebach

5 Lecture Topic: Race Youtube Video: Chris Rock on Obama Question/Term What is Race? The assumption is that the human species can be divided into separate categories and these categories are based on physislccal differences and we often think that these differences are in biological make-up. These divisions between people are assumed to be NATURAL A problem with the problem of race from a categorical perspective is that these GROUPINGS have BOUNDARIES. It is very hard to draw boundaries between people. The movie argues that even though there are individual differences between people in fact the idea of race as collections of pigmented individuals that can be differentiated between other pigmented individuals – is FALSE. Human skin color should not be seen in terms of categories but just skin color itself • Race is not a VALID biological concept. IT doesn’t fit genetic data • Genetically speaking, human are similar. We are the most similar of all species and share a lot more genetic material than penguins for example • Genetic evidence shows that most physical variation is about 94% between humans What does Chris Rock teach us? • race is understandable better as a set of meanings that we attribute to persons • it is more about customs than genetics • race is a system of social meanings Wo what does whiteness mean? • wealth, eliteism • Golf • Fancy dogs • Nuclear family- not being the norm of traditional families • Elite TASTES --- Really it is the meanings that these symbols attach to themselves to different people regardless of skin color Race is a set of symbols that is distriuted a=mong different groups of people What else does race do? • Race attaches itself to more than just RACIAL and PERSONS DIFFERENCE like: job, foods, institutions, town of inhabitance, styles of activity • Baskhow says that, racial stereotypes is more than attributed to persons but also to objects as well • Race really has little to with men and women and people in general, it is a SIGN system according to which people organize their world into socially meaningful categories Stuffwhitepeoplelikecom RACE IS ABOUT CULTURE NOT NATURE, a particular way that we categorize people according to sign systems and not about anything else CHRIS ROCKS CRUCIAL PO
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