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David Smith

DON’T FORGET – MIDTERM! 15% 20 minutes – in class covers practical 1 to 5 Chapters 2 to 8 Lecture Topics 1 to 6 RECAP: we left off on “Settlement Systems” : the arrangements of sites on a landscape Remember Complex Societies are: Maintained at high costs Enormous {Settlement Patterns} • a division of site into zones varying function or significance??? * look this up Example – residential areas versus the central core Teotihuacan Architecture • becomes specialized in complex societies • There is an assumption that if you have variability in architecture then this reflect the economic, social and political differentiation within a community Example in modern day: The CN Tower Occupational Specialization • essentially different people have different jobs • more specifically it’s a division of community into functionally interdependent entities Example – specialist potters “moche portrait jar” made by the moche who were expert potters. The depicted everything in their pottery. Mortuary Practices The assumption is that there is a correlation between the level of social complexity and the Differential treatment of the dead Record Keeping *South America did not record keep on paper *Mesopotamian tablet was another form of record keeping on clay So how do we explain Complex Societies? • single factors
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