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David Smith

Mid-Term Quiz – 15% • Topics 1 – 6 • 30 minutes in class • 15 multiple choice • Chapter 1-2, 4-7 Topic 5: Data Analysis Covered in Chapter 6 What is data analysis – a stage in archaeological research design where DATA is ISOLATED, DESCRIBED (--- refers to the processing part) & “structured” this is done usually by typological CLASSIFICATION • when the data is structured – you are actually doing the analysis In simple terms, Data Analysis is the imposition of the “STRUCTURE” on data, organizing data with certain variables and see if it tells you anything regarding your hypothesis You are using the HYPOTHESIS in data analysis to examine the patterning of variables, values & classes of your data. Look up, PRESENTISM in relation to archaeology: UNITS OF ARCHAEOLOGY - *know this shit Empirical: material evidence but they are more so ATTRIBUTES where we can recognize characteristics Analytical: variables & values – these are observable and potentially measurable {Scales of Variables & Values} Variable – a set of unordered variabls 1. Nominal – rooted from the the Latin word “name” / label 2. Ordinal – there is an order, logic used to put something in order Ex- according to size 3. Interval – Ex - inch, cm, m, square feet , where every one of these units is the same interval, dividing something into equal parts 4. Ratio - Nominal Variable • Variable: surface texture • Values : smooth/rough Ordinal Variables • Qualitatively ordered sets • The Variable would be: decorative complexity • The Value would be: plain , simple, complex Interva
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