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David Smith

Topic 12 – Ideational Inference Bassed on Cahpter 8 : 202 to 209 Chpater 9: 228-236 {know for exam} Dimensions of Inference are: Contextual: Cultural : --- Ideational Conditions mean? Has to do with the human mind. The ideational domain deals with symbols, religion, art, communication. What is a symbol ? something that stands for something or is suggestive of something else *similar to semiotics definition *. Flexibility and Power. Humans are not the only mamals that use symbols, chimps use them. Humans depend on symbolic communication in order to thrive and survive. It is the relationship between a symbol and what is stands for really which is simply arbitrary. Language, writing and LAWS in specific are symbolic. Example of a Complex Society: Ziggurat, Ur Exmple of a State: The city of Teotihuacan Aspects of an Ideology Realm What is an ideology – the means by which human societies codify their beliefs about the natural and supernatural worlds {Ashmore & Sharer: 202} This Is Concious, and Structured symbolism. But it is through ideaology, people are able to STRUCTURE their ideas about the order of the universe Region • refers to a set of rituals • Rationalized by MYTH where it mobilized supernatural powers to achieve or prevent transformations of state All of the above are maintained through a symbolic system Symbolic Content refers too… • language & behavior • all religions have PLACES that are marked in certain ways (mosque, church ) • objects Art • experimenting with symbols, generally with a stylistic tradition • giving old symbols and giving them new meanings with artistic and stylistic tradition • art has its own logic and is apart of its own symbolic system Art Style • a distinctive patterning of elements recognized within a culture as appropriate for a particular kind of art • a type
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