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Lecture 2

ANT200Y5 Lecture 2: The Twelve Questions that Archaeologists Ask

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Paul Duffy

ANT200 Prehistoric ArchaeologyLecture 2 The Twelve Questions that Archaeologists AskClarification from Previous LecturesOracle Bones are pieces of turtle shell or bone used for divination in ancient China with questions carved onto the bone or shell and the results carved or written next to the questions Bamboowooden slips one of the main media for literacy in early China with texts written in ink ththon strips of bamboo or wood commonly used from the 7 century BC to the 4 century ADExample Question1Oracle bones bones and shells used in ancient China for divination uncovered in a pit dating to the Shang dynasty are consideredaHistorical documentbAntiquitycArtifactdAll of the above2How do archaeology contribute historical study Archaeologys Twelve Questions and the principal means by which archaeologists address them1What is left2Where3When4How did they make and use tools5How was the environment6What did they eat7How were societies organized8What conta
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