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- Crystallizing time by having events to mark dates and time - Analog time to digital time; turned more precise and changing the concepts of time (ex. Half past two to two thirty two...) - Constructing time through rules (it’s not time to be on your cell phone) - A year is a passage of how a rock rotate around a star (earth revolving around sun) - We can make agricultural and economic planning through time - Despite objective nature of time, - Time defines age, and this defines what you must do at certain ages (marriage, etc;) - Your birth date is fixed into many things such as birth certificate, driver’s license, etc; - By measuring time by one’s maturity - Our time 2011 has a Christian based history - How do we know we’re in modern times, western time? How do we define what is what? - Time turned out not to be a neutral container at all, interpreted, debateable and changing at its core - Example: if you go to Italy, there are many cathedrals where bells ring every hour to signify time, so there’s a Christian or Catholic feel; time and space is marked by Christianity - Example: if you’re in Indonesia, mosques called for prayers (Muslim feel) - Explore the legibility of space and time, how it’s dominated and how you locate yourself - Example: if you’re in Toronto or other urban big cities, it’s driven by corporate capitalism, many billboards, advertisements and consumerism ; time on TV, banks, work schedules, times in terms of sales; hailing to us as if we’re all potent
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