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Tutorial 9.

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrea Muehlebach

Tutorial 9: Righteous Dopefiend - Lecture 2 of this class did not occur because the prof was sick Chapter 2: - About relationships amongst the drug users  Tina and Carter - Talks about moral economy of gift giving - Understanding romantic and sexual relationships within the moral economy of gift giving Chapter 3: - Explicitly the drug use and medical treatments - Moral economy of gift giving - Drug consumption (African user inject in vein, whereas Caucasians do it in the muscles) - Symbolic violence of public help outreach (hygienic health practices without la enforcements) - Pathogenic law enforcement (criminalization of drug use was increase disease) Chapter 4: - Drug use - Individuals as children into drug use Concepts found This Week: - Anthropology of violence and abuse - Gift exchange - Creation of community - Racialization of drug use and coping - Medical anthropology - Engaged anthropology - Symbolic violence pathogenic law enforcement Racialization of Drug Use - Socially constructed patterns of behavior o This ultimately leads to different uses of drugs and the different coping mechanism Symbolic Violence - Violence that is justified because of actions they have taken; violence they received is legitimized because of actions they have taken in their life o The legitimization of inequality of oppression in society (but to frame it as though it is legitimatization) o It is their choice - Example: When heroin addicts go to the hospital, the nurses say “don’t worry about him it’s his own fault.” o Where they would treat them last o Where these heroin users receive these repercussions as a result of doing heroin (even though sometimes Racialization of Drug Use - Ethnic uses of that comes from - Example: o White people would inject into their muscles (tissues) for more access whereas black people injecting their vein) o Crack is a black person drug use Gift Giving - Social obligate between relationships to receive and reciprocate and give and establishes community boundaries o Not just material gifts, but emotion and affective gifts in romantic relationships - Example: Tina and Cart
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