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ANT205 lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Carolan Wood

ANT 205 lecture 3 24Sept2012 CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION “In an analysis, nothing is too trivial to be overlooked” - Ellery Queen, The French Power Mystery CSI in Canada: -police officers: -response to scene -scene security -crime scene survey -documentation -recognition of physical evidence -collection of physical evidence -packaging and preservation -examination of physical evidence -crime scene analysis -crime scene reconstruction Classification of crime scene: -nature of crime: homicide, robbery -location: indoor or outdoor -primary/secondary Primary = 1 crime act Secondary = all the others Knowing type of scene: -predict involvement of other scenes -nature of other scenes -location of other scenes First responder: - police, emergency medical and firefighters - observe crime scene in the original position - do not destroy evidence if possible -but have higher priority to rescue victim 1 priority: assist victim nd 2 priority: search, apprehend suspect -secure and protect crime scene Secure the scene - outside perimeter - keep out onlookers - caution tape - security officers -no nonessential person - sign in and out - time and purpose - inner perimeter - borders of crime scene - scene investigation - personnel/support -between inner and outer perimeter - command post Physical evidence = useful info -clues -crime taken place - info about the method of operation (MO) - links ppl, place, things - witness statement -ID suspect - provide lead - patterns and positions Condition/transitory evidence - condition = produced by event or act - transitory = not permanently/ temporary/ easily lost or changed - document first! -not observed and documented immediately will be lost forever -position of doors, windows, furniture -lights on of off? -colour of flame -presence of odours (gas, perfume, smoke) -position of folds of clothings -placement of bed sheets -towels, clothes, etc. dry or wet? -blood wet, coagulating or dry? -temperature: determine time of death Transfer/trace evidence: -physical contact between ppl/ things - Locard‟s theory of exchange - mutual exchange of matters between any two surfaces that come into contact with one another Ie. Fibres, hair, etc. Scene survey and documentation -examine scene (not touching or moving) - document position of everything -photos (digital), video, sketch maps, notes -videos: - no sounds or talking - move slowly - all perspectives - show processes -date and time - entire scene to close-up Scene survey and plan for evidence recovery -devise plan for evidence recovery -Canada: ident officer only to process scene -masks, bunny suits (Tyvek), gloves and booties -prevent contamination – officer and scene Evidence collection -recognition: different if indoor vs. outdoor -marks of forced entry? -scratches at keyholes -lights working? Bulbs unscrewed? - contents of ashtray, butts = good DNA - toilet seat up or down? - anything in toilet tank? - stairs, splatters: floor, walls, sheets, ceiling IDENT - presumptive test - hemastick: -the stain is likely blood -further tests in lab to determine type of blood - alternative light source -stains, fibres - impressions, fingerprints - document -photos, videos, notes, maps Scene photo - bring audience/jury progressively closer to evidence - overall - context of scene - street sign or landmark if possible -mid-range - object in the scene - close-up - object fills the picture Photo taken with and without -N arrow - scale - label -without = original condition -nothing hidden from view -with = context - location, postion, size Evidence collection - ident officer - preserve - unambiguously label - package - exhibits/ evidence officer - keep track of wxhibits - c
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