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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lisa Trentin

Lecture 4 May-15-13 1:09 PM First Nation as Canadian Olympics:Aboriginal Symbols and Aboriginal Participation - National discourse: diversity (multiculturalism),friendship, inclusion - Appropriation of Native objects and imagery: Vancouver 2010,mascots derived from First Nations legends/ stories - Native people "one of ours", partnership and respect Critiques: - Borrowing First Nation's identity becomespart of the Canadian identity - Homogenizationand objectificationof Native peoples - Appropriatied and used in Canadian nationalism ○ Specifically in tourism - "Commodifiednationalism" (p.580) --> erasure of real issues - Led to censorship ○ Powerrelations are at work here! Hiwus Feasthouse: Aboriginal Symbols and Aboriginal Participation - Appropriated and used in for tourism - Grouse Moutain - Aboriginal collaboration ○ Kwakwakawakwthen Coast Salish ○ Homogenizationand objectificationof Native peoples ○ Representationthrough totem poles - Aboriginal symbols:Totem,masks, dances ○ Powerrelations are at work here too! Youtube video:Vancouver world olympic opening ceremony (First Nation Dance) - Raised hand of totem pole means "Welcome" POWER, KNOWLEDGE,DISCOURSE Michael Foucault Power: - It is not a thing-possession but It works in more subtle ways through social relations - Productive: circulates and takes shape as discourse (not controlling people but talking and knowing them) - Social discipline: "ideological" based on values and codes that seem natural but are constructed knowledge systems ○ Techniques for control and knowledge systems(rules and methods) ○ Knowledge system:consist of rules; can be law, philosophy, etc --> power and knowledge are connected - The power/knowledge
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