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lect 6 notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gary Crawford

Lecture 6 30 Jan, 2014 • Fissures in Rock • Atlantis will not be on the test • something very relevant to Ontario: Berry Fell- not a trained archeologist but started noticing patterns in rocks- but got it all wrong • the African case is very relevant- popular in the African American community • mention of the black Indians by Columbus (indirect because-a story he heard) • a book written about Africans coming to the new world before Columbus • evidence the writer talks about Columbus mentioning the black people- but it was a story he heard • secondly some body reported some African metal Columbus had found • also mentioned brining knowledge of building of pyramids • records of African features- but there were African slaves brought by Europeans into the new world • one of the key things he uses artistic representations (of faces) not particularly scientific, probably an Olmec leader– believes them to be depictions of African faces- from that leap of logic he proposes that they came before Columbus, but jumping to this conclusion is not justified • he isn’t hoaxing anybody, he sincerely believes what he proposed • Differences between pseudoscience (not planting anything, using actual archaeological data, somewhat powerful because actual data which is subtle is being referred to but lacks context, not testing a certain idea but trying to get it supported-trying to justify it, use the scientific method improperly not intentionally though) and a hoax (improper use of scientific method with the intention of deceiving others)? • this book by Van Sertima was ignored by science initially but eventually had gathered enough attention to get a review • Columbus was responsible for the deaths of many native Americans • by honouring Columbus you are dishonoring the Native people • the picture of a woman- native new world faces are incredibly variable- can still find the ones that look very similar to the Olmec though • Before we find evidence of any form pottery, tools, etc we find PLANTS! A real indication of CONTACT- due to the introduction of these plants • example wheat-not native to China • cotton- there is cotton native to Africa as well as to South America- they are very different from each other, each place has its own kind of native cotton, just because you find cotton in the new world doesn’t necessarily mean that it came from Africa • Prince Madoc-facts just seem together but they don’t • there is actually a commemorative sign in Mobile Alabama- in Welsh language • the old stone Fort- everything here is native American-undertone of racism, saying that the native couldn’t build ce
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