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Gary Crawford

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Lecture 8 Feb 6, 2014 • debate between Bill Nye and a priest • why are there issues about mound-building • why 19 century hoaxes • there has been a resurrection of an old idea that is particularly useful to a specific religious group- complex organization with multiple forms all under the church of the later day saint • perspective in terms of archaeology • News comes out about Hebrew confirmed in Hopewell civilization- turns out NO! • they show a carving on a stone discovered in the 19 century • This is a justification of the book of Mormon according to them-what could possibly be the connection between Mormon and archeology? • Joseph Smith never claims to be the author of the book of Mormon but was simply a translator • translated a very odd script provided to him by angels- had spiritual or divine guidance to do this • scholars have analysed it • for the large part Mormons church consider themselves the actual Christian church • within the book of Mormon there is text relevant to us, first nations are considered to be the descendants of Israelites- the book of Mormon connects these people in the new world to the old world- make them fit in the old tradition • this links the latter day saints church to archaeology • if archaeologists were to be a model of the conspiracy theory, they would get an F, they’d fail miserably at fooling others • it’s sad that they are being blamed for hiding the truth-suspect that modern day archaeologists have dismissed many imp findings- he lost civilization in north America • Bat Creek inscription: found in archea. Context and under the direction of professional archeo. – John Emmert, but this guy who found it was not professional, was a field assistant (was getting paid by, technically under the payroll of Smithsonian )but no witnesses who saw him dig, had a very
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