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Lecture 1

ANT214H5 Lecture 1: Lecture 1 - Introduction

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Madeleine Mant

LECTURE 1: WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION | BIOCULTURAL APPROACH TO HUMAN NUTRITION BASICS FOOD IS..  Sustenance and symbol  A biological need and part of our material culture  Linked to status and power  Involved in defining and maintaining social relations Behavior surrounding food is affected by:  Environment  Economics  Social organization  Belief systems WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGY  Anthropos = man  Logia = study of  Systematic study of human kind (both past and present)  Initially emerged as a by-product of exploration and colonization  Four major subfields o Physical/biological anthropology  The systematic study of humans as biological organisms  Most closely related to the natural sciences  Studies all aspects of the biology and behavior of the human species (and out closest relatives), past and present o Social/cultural anthropology  Human behavior and ideas  Subsistence  Distribution of goods and services  Reproduction and group formation  Political patterns  Religious systems  Forms of communication  Expressive aspects of culture: art, dance, music  Learned behavior o Archaeology  Study of past societies and their cultures using material remains  Artifacts: material products of former societies (e.g stone or bone tools, clay plots, figurines)  Ecofacts: natural objects that hav
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