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ANT313 (Nov 15) - Japan Yayoi & Kofun.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Jomon and Yayoi cranial shape o The long Yayoi face looks similar to the Chinese cranial shapes - Seiji Kobayashi’s view - MAP o Toro site  Houses built on round circular platforms  The roofs comes right down to the floor for ventilation  Yayoi has a stem at the bottom of the pot  Hybrid pottery  Jomon gone through acculturation of the Yayoi; transition from Jomon to Yayoi  NE Jomon: rice; Yayoi: wheat, barley and Chinese millets  Dry field agriculture before or after? - Artifact comparison - Continental influence o Mostly evidenced in Kyushu, for example... o Gina (1986:261) states that by AD250, China had relationships with 30 “countries” in Japan o Different city states? Individualistic, not seeing Japan as a whole o Not unified; not centralized o After this, there is a centralized system and represent far fewer than 30 “countries”, around 3 or 4 and then ultimately become 1 - Bronze bells o Intricate designs o Pendulum/post where you swing at the bell o Buried like people; purposely buried away from town like a deep meaning - Yayoi life o Clay model of what Yayoi houses may look like - Doigahama Cemetary n=175 o 4 burial types  Pit in sand  Large stones around burial  Multiple burials in stone enclosures  Rectangular stone chambers  Note: NO jar burials (like the Jomon)  Burial mounds found during the Yayoi o Demography: 106 male of 156 sexed  Infant mortality seems to be high  Lots of elderly which is expected  Not sure what the actual age are for each categories - Yayoi Jar coffin o Found in certain places o Regional burials - Early to middle Yayoi changes o Site size increase o Local areas unifying o Intensification of irrigation o Imports
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