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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christoph Richter

ANT 363 H Organizational sources, fix and give money, you know what to do Gbadamosi (2006) Map of southern afirca, sand peple foraging people people known as bushmen, not the politically correct juj’hoansi various sand groups, a constulant in the western context is not the same thing in Botswana different cultural context-cant transpose meaning of consultant, in western terms,l people were hunter gatherers, butchering giraffes in the wold, 30/40 years ago, we have a different issues, we have ethnic groups that are not intergrated economically. Separate substance, Trinidad western clock time Botswana doesn’t operate on clock time, make an appointment don’t be surprised if they don’t show up, getting stuff done in Botswana is glatial takes a long time -don’t have super highways and fast transformation, problem with cows, cant get to government buildings on time, more important than meeting with a consultant, they are going to view as a magician -power, of consultant lies, to some extent Gbadomosi, how relevant are ritual and symbolic practices, varies with consultant, some relevant some irrelevant, reflects, society undergoing uneven development, modernized, modern elements, very establish element, consultant is part of initiate process he is the one convinving the client of the benefits of their research -of the skills of their knowledge, shyut article review it in context of this piece, initiation rituals involved Coffee and lunches, first meet client, 5/6 lunches or coffyou go, where you go, where you choose important, courting a potential, investing in a relationship in promoting your quality-100 x more than dinner stage manage it -how much do clients help-varies, some help some hindrance, poking nose in all time Badamosi, some say it welcome or unwelcome -some of the big agency, future of consultants in Botwana, pull out, bad sign, argues that
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