BIO320H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Umwelt, Vocal Sac, Honey Bee

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6 Feb 2016
Bio320 Lecture Six- Complex Signaling
Multimodal signals vs. Multiple Component Signals
*Multimodal signals – medium and century channels. Signals, a group of
signals that are all presented to the same receiver across two or more
sensory modalities. Ex. Him talking using two right now visuals and voice,
using two sensory channels
Multicomponent is using one channel - multiple component all in the
same sensory channel
oEx. Manikins multicomponent- coloured and dancing
Signals and Communication
Same four steps apply
If a signal is multimodal it should be harder to fake. Three reasons for
o1) Increases honesty ex. Mullerian mimics
o2) Gene linkage - big long tail, I have good genes, if also bright
green, easier component to evolve than to evolve big tail and good
o3) more expensive than simple signals that have multiple
component- Multicomponent you are more susceptible to eves
dropping because giving o+ more than one signal component
compare to multi modal see well and don’t hear well vs. don’t see
well and hear well
A signal’s ‘e/cacy’ improves the better it can be: Top two as saliences
Multi modal signal may
Be redundant, or be non-redundant: that is enhance one another, or act
oEx. Bright coloured and sing to attract mates, in forest can’t see you
but hear you – reduance. Hears his good voice she is attracted to
him, that same female can’t hear hum but sees him, cues are
working reduntly
oStrengthen the response of another
Improves salience, reduced uncertainty, increase detection, hasten
learning, easily discriminated from background
oPoison frog- they are territorial – sound and colour enhances the
signal to the receiver sees vocal sac expands and see colouration
oWolf spider- dominance drum on the ground, female on that leaf
and he drums, this drumming is a necessary females is attracted to
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