BIO325H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Mantis Shrimp, Tettigoniidae, Undulatory Locomotion

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Published on 18 Apr 2016
 
Snake locomoon (draw pictures)
 
Serpenne Locomoon
$ %"%"
 &%
'( )
Reclinear locomoon
o- )  
Concerna Locomoon
* ,&(%
*% &(
Sidewinding Locomoon (here we go)- also draw all the ways to explain sidewinding
o 0"&
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Comes in rectilinear, serpentine, concertina, sidewinding that leaves parallel tracks in the sand. Neck muscles contract and the body moves side to side creating a rearward travelling body waves. In water the snake is propelled forward because the whole water is resisting it. On land its gotta find rocks and stuf. Moves by altering the length and potential energy of elastic elements. The pushing of two points contradict each other and the force propels it forward. The only points of friction are that where the axial muscles touch the points of resistance. Its basically pushing itself at certain points, now imagine three points it can push itself against: contraction and relaxation occurs at diferent parts of the body. This is when the body moves up and down rather than side to side. Ventral scales push on the bottom while the top is lifted: makes a rippling efect like how caterpillars walk.

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