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Fiona Rawle

Lecture 2BIO152 Tuesday Sep 13 20111Origins of evolutuonarythought2Darwins Voyage3Evolution facts and fictionidea of evolution existed before darwinexplorers travelled and encountered a huge diversity of speciesthere were many similarities among species and it suggested to them that were some relations between all the prganisms that they sawas geolgists were looking at landform they saw fossils that closely resembles teh species that were alive todaythey thought that those species might have been our ancestorsgeologists also discovered that the earth was quite oldOrigins of Evolutionary ThoughtBuffon suggested that species living today were modern he thought there was some ancestory but there also could have been some change that was occurring Hutton looked at land formations and saw that it was not static it was changing geologist Lamarck was credited with first using the term evolution Idea was that if land forms were changing life must be changing with itVoyage of the Beetle was where Darwin came up with his hypothesis on evolution Spent many years writing about his ideas on evolution Wallace came up with the same idea as darwin darwin quickly published hisMendel had work on genetics that darwin didnt really understand mendell wa the first to use statisticsPre Darwinian viewsvhurchhad strong holdLife Evolution and TheologyPlato belived everything came in an idealperfect state and anything fdiffrent was imperfectaristotle thought the gaol of living organisms was to increase in complexityJudeoChristianhad no room for evolutionLinnaeus he said it had nothing to do with evolution it simply just showed Gods schemeJean Baptistste LamarckFirst to use word EvolutionFirst to provide mechanism for evolutionNo one could decribe the changes that were occuring expect for himhis mechanism is known as inheritance of acquired characteristics
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