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Lecture 12

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Maria Arts

LECTURE 12 The Nature of Natural Selection and AdaptationOUTLINE evolutionary mechanisms lamarckdarwinwallaceaddressing misconceptionsindvidiuals vs populationsadaptationacclimationtraits and adaptations 7 traits constraints tradeoffsLamarck used term evolution but wrong mechanism He said that individuals change during life time in response to their environment and changed traits are passed to offspring Misconception individuals change Produce more complex species over time ex giraffes produce offspring w long necksWallaceindividuals do not change better adapted individuals produce more offspring Genetic makeup of individuals in population changes as adaptation leads to more surviving offspringex beaks of adult individual finches did not change with changing environmental conditionsDifferential reproductive success resulted in a population of offspring w diff sized beaksex gene for TB resistance was not induced by the presence of rifampin Each m tuberculosis cellhad same polymerase alleles But because mutant frequency changed over time characteristic ofbacterial pop changed Gene occurred randomly in population and was advantageous undercertain conditionspresence of antibioticsdifferential reproductive success selection acts on individuals evolutionary changes occur in populations ADAPTATION occurs when a population changes in response to natural selection An adaptation is aheritable trait that increases the fitness of an indivi
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