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Lecture 19

BIO200 Lecture 19

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Mc Intyre Burnham

Lecture 19 November-19-13 5:16 PM We don’t have much specializationin old people We know more of pharmacokinetics Babies and adults have differences in drug elimination, they are often overdosed because they eliminate slower Lectures Page 1 Baby stomach is not as acidicas adult stomach, it's gastricpH is closer to blood pH More than half is broken in the stomach (but wont happen in babies) Depends on how quick stomach empties Longer in babies Bacteriathat livein intestine Lectures Page 2 Baby total body water is large, if you give low partitioncoefficient drug, you are under-dosing the baby Brain is not completely functional in newborn Liver is large(twice the baby's body size) Skeletal muscle quite small - this will matter in takingin drugs that enter i.m (ex. Digoxin) Lectures Page 3 Particularly low - Not very functional Check spelling in book Drug competing and displacing other drugs Only in babies. Hb is broken down, cannot be metabolize at firstso bilirubinis produced (this is quite toxicto the brain) The drug is very toxicin the brain May have motor problems, sensory problems, cannot die tho Liver and kidney are malfunctioned so be careful in dosing Liver and kidney is largeand functional but you still have high total body water Lectures Page 4 Phase 2 biotransformationis slow Lack to glucoronidate Antibioticcompound, bad for babies, grey-baby syndrome indicates that baby was toxicatedby chloramphenicol Less than half in the baby Normally in renal tubules Establishhigher blood levels, kidneys are not working well, baby has largetotal body water, that's why we have paediatricians(it's a special kindof science) Lectures Page 5 Many illnessesto treat so have to take many drugs Once you get to hospital,you have to take many drugs Over-prescribe(in retirement home, elderly get poor medication) **preparations A lot like babies (not in babies) an important determinant Liver is not working well Lectures Page 6 Highportion of body is water for b
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