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Angela B Lange

BIO310 Lecture notes 3Glial cells make the myelinCell body contains the neuron processesdendrites shorter highly branched unequal diametersaxon cosntant diameter with less branching end in the terminal axon terminal specialized to send information to the next neuronvery important can be in the CNS or PNS ependymal cells line thecells responsible for regulating production andof cerebral fluid Oligodendroctye produce mylein CNS microglia phagocrtyic cells takes anything that shouldnt be there out of the cell astrocyte take up of excess neurotransmitters that were released To create a bloodbrain barrier so things cant pass easily from the blood to the brain and sponal cord also involved in regualting the composition of the extracellular fluid in the CNS also provide glucose for neurons and remove waste products ammoniumSensory inputs are filtered important because our CNS couldnt take all sensory inputs in and access the filter is to make sure we only get what we need to know over evolution processing in CNS experieince will affect how we processnerve net a network of neurons not orangized in much detail and behaviors are very simple neural ganglia groups of neurons that
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