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Lecture 2

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 2 - Crickets chirping o Chirps + 40 = temperature - Why study animal behaviour? o Review of last class o Understanding adaptiveness and diversity of animals o Behavioural changes o Applied behaviour and also to understand human behaviour o Critical knowing  How to know something without seeing it? - An evolutionary approach o Adaptation and fitness o Successful ancestors all the way down the line o Singing in unison will monitor the animal population o Phenomenon in Europe  Lemmons • Increase of population and then it outbreed the food supply and then the lemmons will migrate • Jumping down into the ocean and then they died • If they don’t migrate and drown themselves, the population will overshoot and then the whole species may go extinct • Those with suicidal phenotype/genotype would be selected out if that were to happen within a few generations • Fallacy of group selection o Organisms do not behave to benefit the group o Organisms are selfish o The organism with the life preserver will live on - Yet: suicide occurs in nature o
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