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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 11 - Past stories o Marsupials mouse die after mating - Extreme sex differences in lifespan: semelparous male marsupials (family Dasyuridae) o Successful males copulate frequently (up to 14 hours per bout) o Testosterone and stress hormones increase rapidly and they senesce quickly; immune systems compromised and then most males die after mating o Semelparous (mate once) - Their explanation o Not group-selected altruism whereby males sacrifice themselves to lower food competition to benefit the group (lemming cartoon) o Similar to “adaptive suicide” in redback spiders (to increase paternity): in “predictable food” habitats, females have evolved short breeding seasons and thus enhance fitness by mating with “extreme promiscuity”= severe sexual selection on males o Females may mate with multiple males to increase the sperm pool for her offspring - Arthropod o Spiders and insects o As breeding length increases, prey abundance decreases; so when arthropods are highly preyed upon, their breeding season will be much shorter in order to reproduce and pass on genes to the next generation o Correlation only; doesn’t mean causation - Last lecture o Bias towards females o Some males have more daughters than sons o Bias in sex ratio appears to be a balance of individual and selfish gene selection o Selfish genes on the X o Selfish gene does not go to fixation (and thus population extinction) because of opposing individual and gene selection - Levels of selection - Altruism o Reveal conflict for the group but not good for the individual - Cylinders represent the different ponds o Altruism and selfish individuals o When a pond is only selfish individuals, they go extinct because they die o When there’s at least one altruistic individual, the group survives o Group level selection o IN THEORY: differential success among groups affects change in the gene pool - Fitness in conflict o Gene vs individual vs group (revealed in certain traits such as sex ratio and altruism) o Male vs. male o Male vs. female: we have already noted genes for ornament/armament in males that likely decrease
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