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Lecture 30

BIO380H5 Lecture 30: Lecture 30- The Respiratory System -Pgs 359-367-

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Nagham Abdalahad

The future respiratory gut is located in the ventral foregut Specification by WNT and FGF signals from the adjacent mesoderm Late 4th week- lung buds begin to protrude from the posterior part of the respiratory endoderm Creation of a septum separating the newly formed trachea from the esophagus from the mesodermal ridges growing inward which are present dorsal to the lung buds Interactions with surrounding mesoderm = trachea + lung buds (respiratory diverticulum) elongates and begins a set of 23 bifurcations (division into two) Stages in Lung Development Embryonic Stage (Weeks 4-7) Initial formation of the respiratory diverticulum up to the formation of all major branchopulmonary segments Developing lungs grow and begin to fill the bilateral pleural cavities Pseudoglandular Stage (Weeks 8-16) Formation and growth of the duct systems within the bronchopulmonary segments before their terminal portions form respiratory components Pulmonary arterial system begins to
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