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Chemistry Lecture November 25.docx

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Judith C Poe

Chemistry Lecture November 25 Electrochemical cells - systems that incorporate redox reactions to produce or use electrical energy galvanic voltaic spontaneous redox reaction releases energey, dG <0 system does work on surroudings all batteries Electrolytic cells external nergy source used to drive non-spontaneous redox reaction, dG >0 surroundings do work on the system electroplating Redox Reactions G = H -TS H = E + PV G = E + PV - TS dG dE + PdV + VdP - Tds - sdT dE = dq + dw dG = dq + dw + PdV + VdP - Tds -sdT dq = Tds dG dW + PdV + VdP - SdT cnosider a process at constant T and P dG = dw + PdV dw = total work, electrical + expansion dG = (dwelec - PdV) +PdV = dwelec dG = nFe dG = welec = current x time x potential =charge transferred x potential dG = - n F e n = mol e- transferred F = charge per mol e- F is a constant e = electrochemical potential When a cell produces a current, the cell potential is positive and the current can be used to do work. e > 0 for a spontaneous process. Units current - amp a
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