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Judith C Poe

TA : Sarah Wondmeneh 16 January, 2013 Experiment 1 Pre-Lab Questions 1) The limiting and excess reactants play a vital role in establishing equilibrium in any reaction. Limiting reactant gets consumed fully in a reaction and limits the amount product produced through the reaction. In the experiment, Fe is the limiting reactant while SCN. - According to the above reaction equation, the reaction would proceed towards right since both the reactants are present initially and since excess SCN is added, all the Fe ions will be converted into FeSCN . At equilibrium, according to Le Chatilier’s principle, the presence of excess SCN ions will cause 2+ 3+ the FeSCN ions to dissociate into its components which produce Fe ions. Therefore, the equilibrium concentrations of Fe ions and FeSCN ions will be equal. 2) The three factors that affect the absorbance of a solution are concentration of absorbing molecules in the given sample solution, the path length of light and the molar extinction coefficient. The focus of the experiment will be the concentration of the absorbing mo
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