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Lecture 10 – CLA204 – March 13th Myths of Thebes Myth – is not literature in an of its self. Literature uses myths - Our experience is through literature, but these those don’t tell the story the same ways as the myth - Myths don’t have authors - How myths are used and how they are preserved depends on the author that uses it - Literature uses myth : factor of how myths are changed and the way they are told - The accounts of the myths have authors Double foundation of the Thebes Europa and the Bull - Zeus seduces europra in the form of a beautiful bull - Europa is put on the display for the audiences gaze - Europa and the bull sail off to Crete - Her brother is the founder of Thebes - Cadmus is her brother - The oracle tells him to follow the cow - Cadmus brings the alphabet with him - When the cow choses the place, Cadmes has to defeat the dragon and has to sow the teeth. - Warriors come up and start to fight with each other - This is the foundation story with the dragon slayer. Cadmus marries Hadmonia - The men that grow from the teeth fight each other - Thebes is unique has 2 separate foundation stories - 2 foundation story: Myth of the twins : Amphion (plays a Lyar) and Zethus - Their parents are Zeus and Antopi - They have complete opposite natures - These twins are best friends - Zethus: man of action / hunter/ herdsman - Power of art and music reveals itself when they need to build the walls of thebes - Amphion calls the rocks (what the walls are built with) with his music - The two of them ruled in Harmony - Amphion married Niobe - This story is kind of a folk tale. They have been abondonaned and adopted by someone else. - Rome is also foundation story of twins. Romulus and Remus of Rome hate each other bitterly. - Story 1: dragon slayer story 2: folktale of the twins - How are these stories put together? o Cadmus (dragon slayer) found the higher city. Lecture 10 – CLA204 – March 13th o Cadmea city (after its founder) o The twins built the walls around (the lower city). They have 7 different gates o Ovid is the buyer  Starts with Cadmus  And the other myths are disasters Actaeon - He is a Hunter - He is punished accidently seeing what he shouldn’t - He is a Theban - He is hunting - And he is on a break and looks for a shade. - Diana (Godess of hunting) is naked and Acteaon sees her bathing - Diane is a virgin. By being seen as a mortal man she takes it as a rape - She splashes water on him and turns him into a deer with long horns - So she punishes him. He becomes a hunten stag. He is hunted by his own pack of dogs. Pentheus - His birth place is Thebes - In relation to seeing and knowing - Another case where he sees something hes not supposed to see - Dionysus ( God of grape and harvest) lured Pentheus to spy on the Bacchis rites disguised as a woman - He is torn apart by his own mother (agada) and his sister - His mother thinks she sees a wild animal This tearing apart something....whether it is an animal or human is called SPARAGMOS o Ancient Dionysus ritual o Animal or human were be sacrifice by having them torn apart - Thinking you are seeing when that is not the case: these will continue throughout all of the myths Birth of Bacchus (a.k.a Dionysus) – Ovid metamorphese - In Ovids account it is clear that Juno (Hera) drives the plot - Juno is angry because Zeus slept with semele - Semele is preg - In disguise, as an old nurse she convinces Semele and asks jupitor to appear to her in all his glory as God, the way he appeared to Juno when they were making love - He vowed on the river Styx to give her anything she wanted, and when she made her request he could do nothing but fulfill it despite its fateful consequences Lecture 10 – CLA204 – March 13th - Jove called upon the thunder and lightening that were in his command and came to Semele in all his divine power, but her mortal frame was destroyed by his powerful divinity and she died - Jove took the partly formed child from her womb and sewed it into his thigh until it came to term - Zeus , sewed baby dionyses to his thigh - This is the story of life and re birth - The cult: Dionysus religion was different: humans and Olympians different from another o Zeus rules from high up on Olympus o These other Gods, Hera, Artemis, Ares etc were known through what they did. But were not manifest to humans. o Dionysus, the Greeks can believe they can feel the presences directly o Enthusiasmos: state of being filled with God. God’s presence in the follower Ekstasis: when he was present, they lost their sense of self. Standing outside yourself - They abondon themselves - Acoetes is a follower of Bacchus - The sailors are turned into dolphins - Pentheus does not understand, his warning. - Thick lushes ivy is a sign of Dionysus - The lushes appear on the ship Tiresias - He is the famous blind prophet of Thebes - He is punished by Juno and made Blind because Tiresias took the side of Jove in an argument about whether love was better for men or women - As the compensation, Jupitor feels bad, and gives him a prophecy (seeing into the future) o Seeing and knowledge Echo and Narcissus - Ovids version - Narcissus rejects Echo - Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection - Tiresias says to Narcissus’ mom “yes he will live a long life as long as he doesn’t know its him” (he said that to Narcissus mom) - Narcissus falls in love with himself even after he knows himself. He melts and turns into a flower - (Selfishness of love) - Narcissus meets Echo (nymph) o Juno reduced Echo’s powers of speech to on repetition because the nymph used to stall her with conversation while Jove and the other nymps espaced from her Lecture 10 – CLA204 – March 13th o She has no self of her own (
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