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Lecture 11

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Mariapia Pietropaolo

CLA204 – Lecture 11 – March 20 1 Women monsters: - Sphinx - Tesephany :furies: People who have killed their own family members House of Atreus - Tantalus : standing in a pool of water and he tries to reach the fruits above him but he cant. He tries to sacrifice pelops to gods. Gods don’t eat meat - Pelops : he wins Hippodamia in a chariot race o They have many children : Thyestes and Atreus - Both of the children do horrible things to each other - Violet disruption through the next generation - The Golden Fleece : Atreus promised to sacrifice to Artemis but he didn’t because he burned it in a golden chest - Atreus’ wife is having an affair with Thyestes - Atreus’ says who have has the golden fleece will get the thorn - Thyestes gets the throne - The Gods get involved, Zeus urges Atreus to challenge Thyestes - If Atreus can make the sun go backwards in the sky one day he can rule ________ - Zeus helps Atreus and the sun goes backwards - Atreus’ finds out about his wife cheating so he kills Thyestes two sons and serves them at a banquet and then Thyestes eats them. - Atreus has two sons : Agamemnon – mycene (Cyltemnestra is wife) and Menelaus - sparta - The sons do not hate each other . But they have problems in their households - When Atreus’ dies, Thyesteas takes over the throne House Tyndareus - Leda marries Tyndareus but sleeps with Zeus - But she sleeps with Zeus in the form of a swan - Mysene and Sparta join Troy = Ilios = Ilion - Troy is at the crossroad of civilization - Troy is East of Sparta and Mycene - But it is not foreign and mysterious as Colchis. - Trojans are sometimes called Dardanians CLA204 – Lecture 11 – March 20 2 - Ganymede: son of Tros, he is one of Zeus’ beloveds, he takes him up to Olympians as an eagle for his sexual ..... - Priam is the king of Troy when the war happens. Hecuba is his wife. - Hecuba: one day she has a dream that she is going to give birth to a flaming torch that will ignite the whole city. The couple decided to expose this baby. Exposed baby in classical myth always survive. This baby survives. He is a herdsman on mount Hida. And his name is Paris. One day he wins an athletic contest in the city and his true identity is revealed. And He is welcomed into the city as the royal prince. He is still the destructive force - Hector: he is the greatest fighter on the Trojan side. - Cassandra: she is able to prophesize. She predicts the war but no one believes it. - Paris and Cassandra: While Paris is still a shepherd, he decides who gets the apple of disored. (who is the most beautiful of the 3 goddesses). - Deciding between goddess is impossible - Paris’ choice is ok because the goddess offers them bribes. (Hera: power, Athena: military victory, Aphrodite: beautiful women) - Paris chooses Aphrodite because he wants Helen - But Helen is already married to Menalous? - Why would she desert her husband? o Motivation is variable, there are lots of guesses o She was compelled by Aphrodite - The eloping of Paris to troy unleashed the Trojan war - Because of breaking the moral rule of Xenia: Guest-friendship; a relationship of hospitality and respect between guest and host - Zeus is the protector of this - Zeus goes as a protector to Sparta to steal the wife and go home with her : Xenia - What starts the war is the violation of Xenia - Oath of Tendarious o Why the war?  This is because of the oath of Tendarious  Helens father Tendarious, before Helen was married to Menalous, all of the men came to see Helen because she was beautiful  To avoid the rath of disappointed suitors, he made everyone to make an oath. If something should go wrong with the marriage they will help him out.  They are going to Troy to bring her back to Troy - odysseus: He’s pretendin to be made, and they take this baby and toss it in front of the plow of salt - The oracle told him: Eduesu goes to Troy he will be away from home for 20 years - The greatest heroes of Greek, Achilles., He almost didn’t go to Troy - His mom: Thetes is married to Peleus (mortal). - Achilles: his mom knew that troy if he went he would die so his mom dressed him as a girl. Edseus goes to fetch him. He pretends to be a travelling sales men, shows shinning armous and clothes. Achilles can’t help but choose the shining armour CLA204 – Lecture 11 – March 20 3 - The Gods were involved in the war - Aelis (is a place),: winds sent by Aretmis - They get an oracle that they must sacrifice Iphigenia - This is horrific perversion - There are various versions to this story. One is that they do kill and sacrifice her. - When Agamemnon comes back from troy his own wife kills him - Orestes kill Clytemnestra - The furies are involved in this family (curse: furies are after them forever) Setting out for troy - Lots of falls starts - They go to the wrong place. Someone gets bitten by a snake that it smells so bad that they leave him there - They go to Trojan and ask for Helen and the Trojans refuse - This war lasted 10 years - Are Homeric epics myth? : They use myth but they are not myth themselves Hectar, Achillies, Protapolous A
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